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How To Start With SuguMapper

Start today For A Great Future

Sugumapper is a convenient way for drone pilots to process their data. Select your service from our various algorithms, and we will process your data based on your needs. We save you time and allow you to focus on things that matter in your business.

  • Have us process your data

    When we process your data you will have a tailored project manager assisting you with each algorithm. If you require further support talk to our live chat agent who is available 24/7 to assist your needs.

  • Process your own data

    Ask us about our Sugumapper portal to process your own data

  • The Sugu Pilot Native Application

    Sugu has developed a tailored made application scheduled for public launch. If you would like more information on our application.


Make you Business Profitable With Sugu

If you are new to this industry like many other your probably wondering what tools can be accessed to assist you on your journey. At Sugu we provide consulting and support for data processing. Let us know what we can do to assist you.

  • Launch Notes:

    We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of SuguPilot of tailored made application for representatives in public safety, aviation, and inspection services.